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Find answers to commonly asked questions. All you need to know about our brand, products and services.

Do you do home delivery?

Yes we do with minimum order of $280 and above! Simply send us a picture of your item(s) via our website and we can provide you with a price quote. Our team can then schedule a pickup slot for you. 

I am based overseas. Can I still send you my bags/items for servicing?

Yes. Simply send us a picture of your item(s) via our website and we can provide you more information, including a price and delivery quote. You can arrange international courier delivery to our team in Singapore. Once the service is completed, Our team can then schedule and inform you on the delivery details. 

Are your chemicals safe?

Yes. All our chemicals are 100% eco-safe and skin-friendly. Imported from Korea, Italy and Spain, they contain up to 80% organic ingredients that are certified safe on all leathers and materials.

How long does it take for servicing? 

It takes 10 – 14 days for cleaning, 2 weeks for HP Coating and 60 days for ColourPro treatments.

Are your services outsourced to other countries?

No. Our services are processed in-house. We have a fully equipped Dr.Bags team and workshop in Singapore. Our staff has been rigorously trained to delicately handle your bags/items with expertise and efficiency.

What is the DeepCleanse regime process like?

Cleaning includes cleaning of the interior lining, pockets and exterior of the bag. It also includes moisturizing of the leather and cloth polishing of the metal hardware.

What is HP Coating?

SuperDefense High-Performance (HP) Coating is a protective layer applied for your bags. It offers the ultimate shield against stains, water, mould and UV damage. Hp coating may wear off with usage and over time. We recommend to re-coat items every 2 - 3 months for best results. 

Why must I clean my bag? How often should I do it?

To safeguard your health, consider cleaning your handbag every month or at least once every 3 months. Our DeepCleanse regime can help lift off dirt, sanitize your bags and rid it of harmful bacteria. It also deodorises, helping your bag smell fresher for a longer period of time. 

I have stains on my bag. Can cleaning remove them?

Stain removal usually depends on the material of the bag, how long it has set in and the nature of the stain. For leather bags, even if cleaning is unable to remove it, you can still consider colour touchup to cover up stains and signs of wear and tear or scuffed corners.

My bag is mouldy, What should I do?  How do I prevent it from happening?

Send it in for our DeepCleanse regime as soon as possible. Mould is a common problem in hot and humid Singapore. Mould can spread to other bags and prolonged mould growth causes it to penetrate the leather and result in unsightly permanent marks. Therefore, it is always best to bring it in to our professionals at Dr.Bags as early as possible.  


Our DeepCleanse regime deep-cleans and removes mould from all the surfaces of the bag. As part of the process, your bag will also be sanitized and rendered 100% hygienic for your next use.

Where are you located? What are your opening hours?

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